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Ducts Cleaning Cost: Expert Insights & Estimates

Ducts Cleaning Cost: Expert Insights & Estimates

How much does ductwork cleaning cost?

Dust and debris can accumulate over time in the concealed ductwork that runs through your home if you have a ducted air conditioner. The EPA and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) estimate that the typical cost of air duct cleaning for a residential structure is between $450 and $1,000. The cost is mainly determined by the size of your system, which can be defined in square footage or number of vents. Below, we'll go over how much it costs to hire an air duct cleaning service and when you should have your air ducts cleaned.

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Average Costs by System Size Here are the average air duct cleaning expenses dependent on the size of your system, which may be expressed as square footage or vent number.

Duct cleaning price by per Square Foot

Experts in duct cleaning frequently charge a fixed fee per square foot. Particular businesses charge more for more significant properties, while others give a basic package for homes up to a particular size. 20 to 40 cents per square foot is the average price. Watch out for possible scams involving air duct cleaning: A firm may charge more for cleaning air handlers, fans, coils, grilles, registers, drip pans, and other parts of the duct system if it gives you a price that seems unusually cheap.

Home SizePrice
1,200 sq. ft.
1,500 sq. ft.  
2,000 sq. ft   
2,500 sq. ft.
3,000 sq. ft.


Cost of Air Duct Cleaning by Vent Count Some professional duct cleaners measure system size based on the number of vents. Cleaning supply vents typically cost $25 to $50 each, while cleaning return vents often cost $40 to $75 per. Be skeptical of an air duct cleaning firm that promises you a very low per-vent price: The fine print may include a whole-house flat price that is not disclosed until the cleaners arrive at your home.

Number of Vents 

Factors affecting air duct cleaning costs The prices shown above include basic cleaning for air vents and HVAC ducts; however, the following contaminants and problems might raise your cost:

  • Rodents: Rats and other vermin must be eliminated before HVAC cleaners can clean the air ducts.
  • Mold and mildew: Toxic mold will undoubtedly need more than duct cleaning.
  • Dryer vents: Dryer vents, which remove excess heat from your dryer and help prevent fires, must be cleaned regularly. Additional cleaning expenses might arise from clogged vents.
  • Accessibility: Any obstructions that significantly increase the time required to access or clean the ducts may increase expenses.

Cost to clean air ducts for Rodents.

Pests like rats, mice, and others can live in your cooling system by gnawing through ductwork. Since rat droppings may be harmful to your health, you should take immediate action to eradicate the infestation. Before air duct cleaners can continue, you must make an appointment with an exterminator if they find indications of a rat infestation. Typically, rodent control costs between $170 to $520, but it can cost more if the infestation is severe.

Duct cleaning Pricing for Mold and Mildew There is a significant difference between ordinary mildew and dangerous mold regarding health hazards and air duct cleaning costs. Hazardous spores released by certain fungal growths can result in major respiratory issues. Mold remediation is the process of getting rid of this mold and making sure it doesn't come back. You'll need to employ a specific contractor, costing between $2,000 and $6,000.

Only a few mold species are highly hazardous, which is good news. The bad news is that it's nearly complicated to determine by appearance. If you see any signs of mold or mildew, submit a sample (it will cost $50 to $100) to a microbiological lab for analysis. You won't require remediation if it's not hazardous or if the mold isn't there at all. Remember that not all mold and mildew can be removed by air duct cleaning. Even sanitizing, at an additional expense of $75?150, employs antibacterial agents instead of antifungal ones. These chemicals may harm fiberglass ductwork and do not eradicate mold.

The price of cleaning dryer vent air ducts 

Dryer vent cleaning needs to be done at least once a year, unlike cleaning the air ducts, which is not required for regular house maintenance. A blocked dryer vent raises the risk of a house fire while reducing your clothes dryer's efficiency. Dryer vent cleaning may be included in a whole-house cleaning by air duct cleaners, or they may charge an additional $40 to $100. The price range for dryer vent cleaning is between $80-$180.

Air Duct Cleaning Costs Based on Accessibility 

Professionals hardly charge per hour for residential HVAC cleaning. However, if there is a significant delay in the air cleaners' performance due to a problem with your system, you could have to pay more. For example, if you have difficult-to-access ducts or plenums (also known as air distribution boxes) in attics or crawl spaces or if your ducting is custom-designed. In a few cases, the price may also go up due to the extent of contamination.

Further Air Duct Cleaning Costs

Additional expenses that might arise from cleaning your air ducts include the following:

  • Annual upkeep for air conditioners: $75?$200
  • Repairs for air conditioners: $100?1,300
  • Duct replacement or repair: $130?$550
  • Cleaning of furnaces: $60?$150
  • Visual examination of air ducts: $80-$180
  • Inspection by video: $200?$500

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