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Expert Mold Removal: Safe & Effective Solutions

Expert Mold Removal: Safe & Effective Solutions

Professional Mold Removal

Discovering mold can be alarming, but Carolina Duct and Crawl's mold remediation specialists are here to help! They will lead you through every step in identifying, containing and eliminating it from your surroundings. A reputable repair firm must be hired when dealing with mold damage claims Carolina Duct and Crawl stands ready!

Staff from a 24-hour Live Call Center is available to take customer calls.


Our practice meets all accepted insurance business norms; 

We work directly with all insurance providers, protecting you and those you care about from medical claims.

Remediation process of mold remediation

1. Locate and Remove:

We identify any areas within your house or place of business affected by mold and devise a comprehensive decontamination strategy to eliminate it safely. Once identified, these impacted areas fall within our boundaries, where negative air pressure is created with the HEPA filter exhaust to the outside to eliminate cross-contamination risks further. Our experts remove all mold-contaminated surfaces safely according to industry standards before inventorying and packing off furniture or personal effects for off-site cleaning and disinfection services if they have been impacted.

2. Regulation of Humidity

To safely get moisture down to targeted levels and eliminate mold growth, technicians create an in-depth drying strategy using dehumidifiers and air movers as part of our drying strategy. We then continue the drying process until Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) levels have been achieved.

3. Tidying Up

Once the area has been adequately dried off, our technicians use HEPA vacuums to extract even minute particles on every surface. In case air duct systems require cleaning and sanitation services as part of this operation to help eliminate mold growth risk and complete our efforts, a final vacuuming is performed on all impacted surfaces to complete this service process step.

4. Replace mes

 Once decontamination, cleaning, and mold removal procedures have been completed, we are prepared to return your house or place of business to its pre-loss state. This may mean replacing furniture, painting walls as necessary and restoring damaged flooring surfaces.

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