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Signs of Main Drain Blockage | Expert Repairs in 2024

Signs of Main Drain Blockage | Expert Repairs in 2024

Three signs of a main drain blockage

The proverb "what goes up must come down" also applies to plumbing. Water entering the system needs to exit it unless it doesn't. One of the most essential parts of the plumbing system is the main drain that passes through your house, sometimes known as the "sewer main line." Pipes may be harmed if they are blocked or congested. Plumbing repairs will be more stressful and less expensive if you can locate the problem. Three indicators indicate the potential for a significant clog in your drain.

  • The sink or tub drains slowly.
    A slow sink or clogged bathtub suggests a problem with the specific line. However, if all of your home's showers, sinks, and tubs appear to be draining slowly, this indicates a primary obstruction in the drain. If you walk into your basement and see water bursting out of the line that runs through the back of your washing machine, it is a solid sign of a significant sewer blockage. It should be noted that homes with septic systems, especially those ignored for a long time, require emptying their tanks first. A plumber must repair the blocked inlet if the water continues to back up.

  • Gurgling toilets
    A sound that gurgles after flushing is another sign of a serious line clog. The most prevalent cause of blockages is tree roots. When a tree is adjacent to the plumbing system, its roots have the potential to damage the pipe. This is especially true for clay-based sewer pipes. Over time, the clay has deteriorated. Tree roots are strong and can cause damage. They can break through the sewer pipe and continue to grow within until it is complete and there is no room for the water to drain. They also grab toilet paper, which causes more clogs. A skilled plumber can remove and cut the drain's roots. When the drainage is damaged, the Carolina Duct and Crawl expert has excavation equipment to remove the damaged drain and replace it with a new one.

  • Continuous falling
    Have you often reached for your plunger? There is no need to use the plunger after each flush. Also, it would help if you didn't have to dive each time you wash your hands. This indicates that the obstruction is further down your main drainage. Be careful that the presence of multiple clogged fixtures indicates a severe issue with the drain. We do not recommend using chemicals to clean your gutters. They could cause additional damage to your plumbing system, resulting in another pricey catastrophe. They also put your plumber at risk if he needs to perform an emergency plumbing repair.

Your local North Carolina plumbing specialist.
Carolina Duct and Crawl offer immediate central drain blockage repairs. We also provide preventative maintenance for your plumbing system. Contact us immediately if your plumbing is slowing down before the main sewer is blocked. The local plumber offers a variety of equipment to clear blockages caused by too much toilet paper, tree roots, collapsed drains, or even items your pet threw into the toilet without your knowledge! Do you want to know why your drains keep becoming blocked? Camera inspections are also possible. Call 704-727-4344 to schedule your central drain cleaning now!

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